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Taco Bell Delivery Available for Missouri State University Thanks to "Taco Bell Savior"

Taco Bell delivery - sounds like an idea too good to be true created by your intoxicated roommate over spring break.

"Dude. I got it, Taco Bell should like, totally deliver."

"Oh my god, man, that's the best idea ever."

Well, your hunger driven prayers at 2 am. are finally answered, for Missouri State University now has the Taco Bell Savior.

An MSU student uses social media as the backbone of her growing business, a delivery service called the Taco Bell Savior. Orders for Taco Bell are placed by tweeting @MSUTacoBell, where they will be delivered on or near campus for a $3 fee only for orders of $5 or more.

The founder of Taco Bell Savior is a freshman who wishes to remain anonymous. When asked what she should be called in this story, she laughed and said, “You can call me the Taco Bell Savior.” She says the idea started out as a joke among her friends.

“I pitched the idea to some friends, but I was kind of joking around,” she said. “They were like, ‘You could make bank off that!’ So, I decided to start it and see just what would happen.”

Within a few days of creating the Twitter handle on Dec. 11, the account had more than 200 followers. However, the Taco Bell Savior said her first delivery was not until the day before winter break to an apartment off Elm Street. After a successful first delivery, the Twitter account started receiving more orders.

Placing an order is as simple as tweeting. Once customers tweet the Taco Bell Savior account, she will direct message them to find out their locations and their orders. Then, if the customers confirm they have change and are within walking distance of the Taco Bell at National Avenue and Cherry Street, the Taco Bell Savior will personally deliver the food, usually on foot.

The Taco Bell Savior admits that most customers are surprised when she shows up.

“People are always shocked when I come and deliver it to them because they don’t think it’s actually real,” she said.

Despite the surprise, customers are pleased with the business. Paul Hampton, a freshman at MSU, has ordered from the Taco Bell Savior and confirms the business is real.

“It's as easy as tweet the account, wait for a tweet back, and get your Taco Bell,” he said. “It's legit. Great idea. Easy way to make a little cash.”

The Twitter handle @eSwag_11 was retweeted by the Taco Bell Savior, saying, “#tacobelldelivery is the best invention ever.”

This is not the first business the Taco Bell Savior has started. She said that in middle school, she started a pet-sitting and baby-sitting business with her sister. She said she likes to start her own ventures, proudly saying the Taco Bell Savior Twitter is her first original idea.

Since the beginning of the account on Dec. 11., she had gained more than 300 followers. She has also expanded business, raising the original prices from $2 to $3 per order, with a 50-cent charge for orders $1 more than $5.

The Taco Bell Savior is another example of the growing trend of college-aged entrepreneurs using available resources to start a business. When asked her major, she said it is currently undecided but nodded her head and agreed about majoring in entrepreneurship.

“I might do that,” she laughed. “I’m the next Steve Jobs.”

That's right all you crazy, hungry, broke, college kids. The MSU Taco Bell is now able to make all of your wildest dreams come true.

College: Missouri State University
Major: Print and Online Journalism
Graduation Date: 2014
Social media: Facebook | Google Plus | Twitter | Youtube
Taylor is a Print/Online Journalism major at Missouri State University. She thoroughly enjoys writing, and while hardly picky, her favorite subjects are sports and independent films.
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