10 Reasons Why You Should Move Out of the Dorms

By Trey Hutchinson on January 16, 2013

During my first semester here at Missouri State, I remember feeling the freedom of being away from rules and the rush every opportunity knocking at my door. After I met my group of friends, I remember being the happiest I have ever been. There were a few that were, well obnoxious to say the least. Looking back, my group was always loud. Actually, I do not even think there was a reason for it other than to just be as loud as humanly possible. I never considered how annoyed we might make others feel because we were having fun. Now that I am a senior I have a better grasp on how to actually behave and still have fun. I also get the first hand experience of annoyance. That is why I chose to post this particular article, so students will learn to get out of the dorms as soon as possible!


Reason 1: The Woo Girl.

You will probably recognize her by the way she talks. Everything is a scream. Most of the time she is from a sorority which means ‘Woo Girl’ has ‘Woo Sister’s. Most of the time, they can be somewhat easy to tolerate because you ignore it; they’re having fun, let them have fun. However, make no mistake that those ‘Woo Sisters’ will be just a ‘Woo-ey’ at 6:00 a.m. in the morning when you are trying to catch a little more sleep before class. They will also be just as excited at 3:00 a.m when you are finally laying down to go to sleep after cramming for a paper all night long. When you have a headache? There’s a Woo. When you just need a little peace to study? There’s a Woo. When all you want to do is take a pee and get on with your day? Yes, there is a Woo in the bathroom talking on the phone being Woo-tastic.

Reason 2: Public Bathrooms

Some people do not have a problem with going to a bathroom in public, that’s fine. Most people, however, do have a problem going ‘number two’ in public because they do not want people to know they did it. It’s okay people, we all have to empty the waste some time. I won’t judge you for it. If you cannot admit that everyone poops, then you should go back to the fourth grade please. However, I am very much going to judge you when you leave the stuff behind.  I did not know that women could be so disgusting until I shared a bathroom with 40 of them. Flush the toilet! How can you complain about your boyfriend leaving the seat up if you can’t even flush your business down where it belongs!? Disgusting! That is not even the worst of it. Ladies, our feminine hygiene products go in the little trash can on your right side. They do not belong on the floor or stuck against a stall. Also, leaving remainders along the toilet seat is the most disgusting thing ever. Even after that bowl has been cleaned I cannot use it because of the reminder of what was. You would think that people know these basic things about using they bathroom, but nope!

Reason 3: Curfews For Opposite Sex

To me this is ridiculous. I truly do not understand why this is necessary. We are told during every floor meeting that it is because we do not want the boys to see our lady parts after we get out of the shower. Well here is the thing, it is not like we walk around completely naked and down our hall. In fact, most of the girls get dressed in the shower stall and then walk out (or, like me, they walk with a big towel wrapped around them). Not only that, but my guy friends have seen me in a towel several times. Nothing gets revealed, I assure you. Also, another reason is because of the noise level. Well if you are on a floor filled with loud women they will be loud regardless of a boy being there. I want my boyfriend to be able to sleep over whenever I want; I do not want to feel like I am fifteen again with him sneaking around so dad won’t see.

Reason 4: Can Have and Cannot

Just recently the university has come up with a few new policies on what we can and cannot have. We cannot have Scentsy Products for example, because those might cause a fire. Apparently students from other school somewhere left theirs on long after the oil had evaporated, this caused smoke, and then of course they were banned. I’m wondering how that is possible when I have seen people use the things as nightlights with no oil in it and nothing bad happened. I wonder sometimes if the hall directors just want us to be miserable so that we will leave and they will have less to do. The heat of any object can cause a fire if a room is too cluttered so apparently because we have hoarders in the school, the rest of us have to suffer.

Reason 5: Mini-Fridge

Yes, I enjoy my mini-fridge. It comes in handy when I need to store a soda or my left over Chinese food. That is great. My problem is that there is close to no freezer and no space. We are not permitted to get a bigger fridge and yet they give us one that is just big enough to anger you. I cannot buy ice cream or a TV dinner and keep it. I cannot buy things for a week so that I do not have to go to a store . Instead, one day at a time I have to buy what I plan to eat and hope it does not thaw before I can get to it.

Reason 6: Dining Hall

For some reason this school is under the impression that we care how the dining halls look. In all honesty, I do not care if the walls are made of wax paper and straw. It is the food I want to eat! I want better food! I pay all of this money to have a meal plan and then I wind up rarely going to a dining hall. The reason is because the food sucks. During lunch it is great because the tour groups come through and MSU aims to impress. However, when the tours go home and we students are still here, the food sucks. It is either too bland, made weird, not cooked, or the same old thing over and over again. I don’t care about the new little Pizza Island you put in, not when the pizza sucks! How do you mess up pizza?!

Reason 7: Temperature Control

It could be just that I am spoiled from my place back home, but I like my room being the temperature that I want. The air conditioner is always on during the first couple of months of school because we still have the 80 degree and up weather. It’s understandable. However, that one cold week always hits and people are begging for the heat to turn on. The building is hesitant because once it is on, they won’t turn it off until the Spring. No one cares because they are freezing now. So the building turns on the heat. Then the best part happens, Missouri weather, everything gets hot again. Then it just stays hot. The remainder of the semester is spent with the window open and you begging for a breeze to come through. Meanwhile, you go to the bathroom and almost freeze taking a pee.

Reason 8: Roommate

Do not get me wrong I have had a couple of great roommates. I  consider them two of my best friends and I love them very much. However, there will come a time when you are constantly running and around people. Class, work, homework, and your room every where you go there will be a ton of people around you. You will hope to escape and get a little time to yourself but you just can’t. Your roommate will always be there and will not understand why you are so frustrated when they have done nothing to you. It is at that moment when you will start fighting with each other. There won’t be fist fights but rather little ticks like turning the lights off while you are reading or turning up the music when you want to sleep. At some point you will fantasize that if you push your thumb and index finger together and squint, their head will pop.

Reason 9: Furniture and Ceiling

It never fails, there is always that one person who has to move their furniture at 4 am on your ceiling. It is almost like they have a camera watching you to know when you will close your eyes. Try to sleep at night, loud screeching sound of wood on tile. Try to take a nap between classes, the chair rocks. Try to memorize terms for a test, feet stomp. It never fails and people will wonder why it bothers you so much. The noise does not bother them. They can sleep through anything. You will try to explain that they are heavy sleeper but they think you are just complaining for nothing. Then it happens to them.

Reason 10: Sexcapades

This is more entertaining that annoying the first couple of times. Everything gets very quiet and you are concentrating on your work. Then all of a sudden, you hear the bed rocking, the guy moaning, and the girl screaming “don’t stop!” It’s always hilarious to hear the neighbors doing the dance with no pants. After a while, however, you just wish they would go to his room because it gets annoying. There is no more giggling, instead it is, “For the love of God put a sock in her mouth!” When you start yelling things like suggestions or insults through the wall, it is time you move out of the dorm!


Well there you have it my Top Ten for getting the hell out of a dorm. Hope you all enjoyed!

Student Occupation Wish Dasher Location Ozark, MO, United States Introduction A disfranchised college student/ worker bee living in a Midwestern-Ozark town. Middle Class, child of successful business owners. I thought I'd start a blog because I have a lot to say. I tend to get in trouble when i speak my opinions in the real world because I could be considered progressive, too liberal, or just downright anarchic to the people I am in contact on a daily basis. Interests Gaming, Nerdy Stuff, Atheism, Music, Ermegrd: Perp Curtre! Living/Being your dream. Favorite Movies Animation. Favorite Music Alternative Rock, College station type. Favorite Books Sci-fi, Fantasy, Documentary. What are YOU drinking?

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